For any organisation engaged in a transformation,The Single Minded Projectpresents new thinking and robust working arrangements.It reveals project management when conducted at its best.  By re-thinking project organisation,bring insight, imagination and distinction to your results.


 ‘If ever a book were written better equipped to stimulate you to “think about your thinking” when it comes to projects, programmes and the changes they bring; I have yet to find it. Martin puts forward not only a collection of ideas that reach out and grab your attention, but also a number of subtle suggestions which sow the seeds of change in your attitude. This is one of those rare books which you will love to own and cherish more.’
Paul Hodgkins,
Executive Director, Paul Hodgkins Project Consultancy
until recently, PM@Siemens Programme Executive
– UK & North West Europe Siemens PLC


 ‘Martin Price’s insights into what drives a project – the project pace of progress – makes a compelling case for the importance of resilience, project persistence, adaptation and other behaviours whose influences over project outcomes often go unrecognized, or are ignored in focusing on more formal processes and methodology.
The Single Minded Project shows how those behaviours can be harnessed to achieve the results that organizations seek from their projects.’
Ian Whittingham, ProjectManagement.com